Easily had my personal method, everyday might possibly be Overseas Kissing time.

But since I have not even made use of my personal Pinky while the Brain-like abilities to take control of globally, we’re trapped with Overseas Kissing Day occurring only one time per year.

To celebrate this season’s occasion, Zoosk surveyed over 3,500 singles round the U.S. to gather their thoughts on making out. You may never being interested in learning the quintessential remarkable kisses in pop music culture, ideal kissing places all over country, together with preferred tracks to kiss to, but you’re planning to discover what these are generally anyway.

The best three tunes to kiss to are…

[Ok, i really do kinda have a smooth area for the finally one, but…really? Have any of these Zooskers really listened towards the track? It’s about a breakup. An ugly one. Not really more passionate selection for a makeout sound recording…]

The absolute most unforgettable on-screen lip locking devices associated with summer tend to be somewhat much better chosen:

The places singles probab to obtain their smooch on are:

[We have lots of questions and issues right here, but…I won’t get there.]

Last but not least, Zoosk amassed some haphazard kissing realities (should the basic three just weren’t arbitrary adequate already):


Zoosk Celebrates International Kissing Time