An important step when it comes to trying to come up with solutions for the substance use problems in our state is to understand the substances themselves. Research eventually showed that this drug can in fact be incredibly addictive and inhibit proper brain functioning after continued used. We may receive advertising fees if you follow links to promoted online therapy websites. Most rehabs last 30 to 90 days, but may last longer depending on the individual’s needs.


Just like your treatment plan, your aftercare plan will be unique to you and your circumstances. Sober living homes give you access to a 12 step integration program that teaches you further how to overcome your addiction and gain valuable coping mechanisms to help you adjust to independent living. Even after completing your program, you can access therapies and treatments to help you maintain your success through life. Cocaine addiction affects everyone differently, and treatment options vary based on individual circumstances.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Centers & Rehabs in Pennsylvania

Some individuals may not want to take time off school to seek treatment. When someone uses cocaine for a long time, their personal relationships are directly affected. Many people keep their substance use a secret from their friends or family, creating distance and strain in these relationships. Substance use also makes the individual feel socially isolated from their support network, which can drive them to use more of the drug.

Prairie Recovery Center offers a variety of cocaine treatments, including traditional and alternative therapies. They are not hospital-based but in environments where psychosocial support, medication-assisted treatment, vocational support and other opportunities are available. Outpatient treatments can vary in intensity so that individuals may come for treatment for just one or two hours a week, all the way up to six hours a day a few times a week.

Intensive Outpatient

However, you can also start with this treatment depending on your needs. Fortunately, Oakvine Recovery Center offers a variety of proven treatment programs to overcome dependence on cocaine and achieve sobriety. In sum, cocaine dependency is characterized by its chronic and relapsing nature and by high treatment dropout rates.

Stimulants such as cocaine addiction treatment also raise users’ blood pressure and heart rate while inducing a sense of intense euphoria. Theintensity of cocaine’s effect, coupled with its relatively brief duration, entices many people to ingest multiple doses within a short period of time in order to re-experience the rush of first use. Outside of these programs, people in cocaine recovery can continue their treatment with a private therapist.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program

Dependent on the treatment goal of the individual patient, treatment is directed at stabilisation and harm reduction, reduction of cocaine use, or total abstinence. Recognizing that residential treatment is just one step on the path of long-term recovery, our experts ensure that clients have the skills, strategies, and support to continue their recovery after they have returned home. Cocaine addiction is a vicious cycle because the need for this illicit drug becomes more intense very quickly. People will need more significant amounts to achieve the same results. This makes cutting back or discontinuing use challenging and possibly dangerous without the help of medical professionals at a cocaine addiction treatment center. Some people try to quit cold turkey, but withdrawal from the drug can cause severe psychological and physical stress.


To this end, a neurobiological approach to addiction treatment comprises integrative therapies that provide the support and tools you need for long-term recovery. True Life’s cocaine addiction treatment program is the one San Diego residents trust to help them successfully recover. When you’re ready to seek treatment for cocaine addiction, the first step is to inquire about getting help from a qualified treatment facility. Gateway Foundation offers cocaine addiction treatment in the Chicago and Illinois areas.

Compare Rehabs

As cocaine is a very dangerous drug to use and to withdraw from, we take your treatment very seriously. Research has shown that the best treatment for a cocaine addiction is a treatment center near Atlanta, Georgia that addresses both the physical dependence upon cocaine and the psychological reasons behind the addiction. When a man or woman chooses to heal at Azure Acres, he or she will receive an individualized treatment plan that details the specific interventions that will help him or her achieve his or her recovery goals.

  • Recovery Centers by Ascension Recovery Services provide a path to successful recovery from substance use disorders.
  • Not only does detoxing from cocaine on your own at home pose physical risks, but it’s also much more difficult without the support and medical assistance of cocaine detox professionals.
  • Continued cocaine use leads to numerous long-term effects on your mind, body and life.
  • We specialize in medically assisted detox and dual diagnosis treatment to help patients understand, manage, and overcome mood disorders and cocaine addiction.
  • As cocaine, often called coke, nose candy, or black rock, rewires the brain to crave the drug more and more people are less willing to seek cocaine addiction treatment.
  • Support groups allow recovery addicts to receive help from former Cocaine addicts who best understand how hard the road to recovery can be.

A combination of these cocaine treatment programs can help you or your loved one overcome their addiction and bridge the gaps from detox and residential care to an independent sober lifestyle. Technically, any use of cocaine is considered abuse since it is an illegal substance. The more common definition of cocaine abuse, however, is when a person develops a dependence on the substance—via prolonged usage—in order to feel normal. Those suffering from cocaine abuse will develop a tolerance and experience withdrawal symptoms when they are not using it. To date, the CATCH-study is the first study in the Netherlands that explores new treatment options for crack-cocaine dependence focusing on both abstinence and harm minimisation. It is expected that the study will contribute to the development of new treatments for one of the most problematic substance use disorders.

Identifying a addiction in a friend or loved one can be tricky at first, as many individuals suffering from a drug dependency and in need of cocaine addiction treatment attempt to hide their drug use from those around them. Over time, however, their misuse of cocaine will become apparent through a series of signs and symptoms. For example, someone battling an addiction to cocaine may begin to abandon their responsibilities at home, work, or school. Their performance on tasks is likely to decline, resulting in poor performance reviews and grades. Cocaine is a highly addictive class of stimulants that affect the central nervous system in a powerful way.

Cocaine Addiction: What it is, Treatment, and More

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