Successfully passed the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. Learn about the various Management services within AWS and how they can be used to assist with auditing, reporting, and monitoring within your AWS environments. Learn the fundamentals of Cloud Computing, what it is, how it operates, the benefits and why you might choose to run your production workloads within a cloud environment such as AWS. We welcome all feedback and suggestions – please contact us at if you are unsure about where to start or if you would like help getting started. Check out the video below that will guide you on how to become AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

Another resource to get you familiar with the wide range of products is to browse the official AWS website. Just by doing that, you should be able to get a good sense of the available services. C. Ensure that the application is designed to accommodate failure of any single component.

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To fulfill this role, a cloud architect must possess a mix of business, technical, and people skills. AWS commands a lead with a 32% market share among the major cloud services today. Some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Facebook, Netflix, Adobe, and BBC, rely on it to fuel their top projects. Therefore, having an AWS certification on your resume can help you get a step closer to landing a dream job in the best of organizations. First of all, it is one of the most popular and fundamental certifications required to operate the AWS cloud and also one of the most universal in terms of application.

  • Questions about Well-architected are not as direct as this question bank so whitepapers are important to read and differentiate between similar pillars.
  • With hundreds of acronyms, it becomes a word jumble relatively quickly.
  • The course structure has been designed brilliantly to help students understand AWS to the best.
  • Since the AWS CCP is not meant to be technical, the exam itself should be straightforward.
  • Only 2-3 questions were different to whats available here.

As you progress through the learning path, you will gain all the information and knowledge required to fulfill the domain expectations, gaining a deep understanding within each area. In fact, this Cloud Computing certification is meant to help even non-tech people gain a clear understanding of cloud computing concepts, which makes it a perfect starting point for beginners. Examples might be simplified to improve reading and learning.

What Does an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Do?

You can start learning right now and if this course isn’t everything you expected, we’ll refund you 100% within 30 days. Sure it may not sound like the most exciting information, but it’s a key part of the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam, so you need to understand it just as well as any other piece. TECHNOLOGY & INFRASTRUCTURE – The goal of this course is to prepare you to ace the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam as efficiently and effectively as possible. Plus you’ll learn exactly what makes AWS so powerful and popular, including security, elasticity, scalability, global reach, and the economics of AWS. Most importantly, you will learn from a senior industry professional that has actual real-world experience working with and teaching AWS.

A Cloud Guru is a reputed name in the cloud computing community. They have world-class content, blog, webinars, forum, and video lectures to help the users learn Cloud Computing. The platform content is offered on a subscription basis. You can choose individual plans for your personal use or buy a business plan for your team. Anyone with a basic understanding of the AWS platform should check out the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. It is recommended that you have about six months of AWS Cloud experience and some basic knowledge of IT services on the AWS Cloud platform.

Best Practices when Architecting for the Cloud

The Course has been updated to accommodate the latest AWS changes. As of writing this article, the course has had approximately 400,000 students, out of which 90K students have rated the course 4.7 out of 5. The course is 14 hours long and has 8 practice tests for you to test out your newly gained knowledge. On the other hand, online courses are regularly updated by the course instructors to keep up with the changes in the AWS infrastructure.

5 ways AWS re/Start training prepares people for careers in cloud … – About Amazon

5 ways AWS re/Start training prepares people for careers in cloud ….

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The game plan for Step 1 is to follow through with each lesson in sequence, and take notes if possible. Although the video playtime is 6 hours in total, you should expect to spend at least twice that amount of time. This is to factor in repeat viewing and revision of the lessons. It allows the business to put a server in each customer’s data center. D. Sign up for the AWS Enterprise support plan to get volume discounts. B. They have better performance than customer-managed services.

No-Frills Guide to Passing the AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty Exam

If you’re new to Udemy, I would suggest subscribing to their mailing list. There are many sales that offer aws certified cloud practitioner for $10, which is an unparalleled deal. does not offer exam dumps or questions from actual exams. We offer learning material and practice tests created by subject matter experts to assist and help learners prepare for those exams. All certification brands used on the website are owned by the respective brand owners.

What is the salary for AWS Certified cloud Practitioner?

A certified AWS cloud practitioner salary in the US can expect to earn between $160,000 and $180,000 per year, according to PayScale.

AWS Cloud Practitioner: Salary, Job Description and Skills 2023 Edition

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